How to Use MHB at the Farmers’ Market

Every day of the week there is a farmers’ marketCSA or farm stand where you can find Maine Harvest Bucks available. All markets follow the same simple rules. No sign up is required and you will get BONUS fruits and vegetables when you shop with your SNAP/EBT/Food stamps. Every market has a friendly person to welcome you to the program and help you understand how to get the bonus bucks.

How to Shop with Maine Harvest Bucks at a Farmers’ Market

The Skowhegan Farmers’ Market is one of 32 farmers’ markets where you can shop this summer and double your SNAP/EBT dollars. Every week the market has live music and a kids’ coloring activities table.

1) Start by visiting the market information booth

You’ll be greeted by the information booth manager. Darcy will give you a shopping sheet that you can use to shop with all 16 vendors at the market. Every Maine Harvest Bucks farmers’ market in Maine has an info booth where you start your shopping for credit/debit  or SNAP/EBT.

Processing SNAP-EBT/Credit/Debit cards at the information booth.

2) Use the shopping sheet to shop for food with your SNAP/EBT card

Most SNAP shoppers will buy non-produce items first, because they know they will be getting Maine Harvest Bucks to buy fruits and vegetables.

Many shoppers buy meat, eggs, and bread with their SNAP/EBT cards. Then they use the Maine Harvest Bucks to buy the fruits and vegetables.

3) When you are finished with your SNAP/EBT shopping, go check out at the information booth

You will be rung up like a grocery store check-out. Except, you are outside, there’s music playing, and you just bought some incredible food!

4) You will receive $1 in Maine Harvest Bucks for every $1 you spend with SNAP

For instance, if you just paid $15 for eggs, meat and bread, then you will receive $15 in Maine Harvest Bucks vouchers to go buy fruits and veggies.

Farmers enjoy helping you shop with your Maine Harvest Bucks!

5) Go Shop with Your Maine Harvest Bucks

You can use it just like cash with farmers who sell fruits and vegetables. You can also save your MHB for a different day (or when blueberries are in season!)

Tips From Shoppers

Many experienced Maine Harvest Bucks shoppers would recommend using your SNAP/EBT dollars on your proteins and grains and other non-produce items. At Skowhegan Farmers’ Market you can find an assortment of cheese (goat and cow), bread, honey, pork, beef, and eggs. There’s even a vendor who sells ready-to-heat-and-eat soups and homemade pasta from Maine-grown grains. All of this can be purchased with your SNAP/EBT card!

Then, of course, there’s the fruits and vegetables!

The Skowhegan Farmers’ Market has 5 farmers that grow all the fruits and vegetables you can imagine in Maine. In August, you can expect blueberries, summer squash, tomatoes, greens, onions, garlic, kale, broccoli, and so much more! The farmers at this market love to see people shopping with Maine Harvest Bucks.

Nothing tastes better than produce that is harvested hours before you buy it at the farmers’ market. In peak season, the prices from some farmers are comparable to what you’ll find at a supermarket. However, supermarket food is likely not grown by your neighbor, nor was it picked fresh within the last 24 hours.

We hope to see you soon at a Maine Harvest Bucks market!

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