Maine Harvest Bucks Walkthrough

A brief tour of Maine Harvest Bucks at the Hampden Farmers’ Market.

The Hampden Farmers’ Markets operates every Friday from 2pm to 5:30pm at 106 Western Ave – in the Hampden Town Office parking lot. This market has been serving its community for years – including shoppers who use SNAP/EBT or WIC. The Maine Harvest Bucks program gives people BONUS bucks when they shop with SNAP/EBT at the market.

How Maine Harvest Bucks works:

The market info booth is where shoppers go to use their credit, debit, or SNAP/EBT cards.

Start at the information booth.

All shoppers using a card will start here, at the information booth. Most markets have the “Market Info” sign, or something similar. The information booth volunteer will provide you with a shopping sheet to go use with the vendors at the market.

Shop with SNAP/EBT first.

You have to spend SNAP/EBT to earn Maine Harvest Bucks. At a farmers’ market, you can buy most food items with SNAP/EBT, like: coffee (beans), bread, fruits, vegetables, meat, and yummy baked treats – all available at the Hampden Farmers’ Market.

Every dollar spent with SNAP/EBT, earns you a dollar with Maine Harvest Bucks.

These organic eggs cost $4. If you buy these eggs with SNAP/EBT, then you will earn $4 in Maine Harvest Bucks to go buy fruits and vegetables. For each dollar you spend with SNAP/EBT, you earn a dollar in Maine Harvest Bucks. Some shoppers will spend $50 with SNAP, and get $50 in Maine Harvest Bucks! Quite a deal!

Buy your produce with Maine Harvest Bucks!

Maine Harvest Bucks are provided to the shopper as vouchers, like in this photo. Use Maine Harvest Bucks just like cash. You can spend the bucks with farmers the day you earn them, or save them for a different market day.

Eat fruits & veggies every day.

A healthy diet is central to living a healthy life. Maine Harvest Bucks can help you afford nutritious fruits and vegetables for you and your loved ones. Many farmers’ markets, like Hampden Farmers’ Market, operate year-round so you can use Maine Harvest Bucks in the winter months, too.

Go find a market and start shopping!

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